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Dear Emily, We wanted to say thankyou for looking after Charlie so well over the years, we really appreciated yours & Mel's Kindness & sensitivity.

"We just wanted to say a huge thankyou for always looking after Daisy & for all your kindness" 

"Thank you for guiding me through the past few weeks"

Dear Emily, Thank you for your care, love and expertise, your compassion has helped us make it through this difficult time, with thanks & gratitude. 

Dear Emily, I want to Thank you & James for everything you did for Misti over the years, Every time we visited you treated us with kindness and compassion, We could not have wished for better. Very best wishes 

Dear Emily & team, I just want to thank you all for your wonderful care for my beloved boy. Emily Thank you for your compassion & caring, it meant a lot that you cared too. Warm regards to you all. 

Dear Emily, Thank you for your letter of condolence, I would also like to Thank you & all the staff at your practice for helping us to look after Leo, especially thankful for the last 4 years which have be specially cherished. 

Thank you so much for looking after our beloved Cassi so well and getting her better quickly. Throughout the entire upsetting episode, we always knew she was in the best hands and you were all so kind.

To Emily, Thank you for helping us with Blue over his lifetime and especially at the end, we are very grateful xx

To Emily, James & the team, a huge Thank you, you have been amazing and i couldn't have got through all this without you, we will miss you all.

Dear Emily, James, Leanne, Valerie & Jasmine

Thank you for all the years you have treated & cared for Chika, she received the best care. We so appreciate your patient, professional & loving Approach.

July 2018

To Emily,

Thank you for all your help in the last 6 months, I don't think we would have got through it with out all your help encouragement

August 2018

To Emily & all the staff

Thank you for your hard work, professionalism and support over the years.

August 2018

Dear Emily & Valerie 

We just wanted to put in writing how much you have meant to us.

Emily you are a marvelous vet- the best.

Valerie your kindness & professional approach to your role was & has been a great comfort.

With love & best wishes

August 2018

Dear Emily,

There aren't enough words to say 'Thank you' for yesterday you went above & beyond to help - you truly are a very special vet. Thank you.

Dear Emily, Jo & Valerie,

Lily and i would like to thank you all for the care and compassion you showed to us both during Lily's final illness, I will be forever grateful to you for enabling us to be left with happy memories of the final parts of her life.

Jo, Emily and Team, 

Thank you for all your support it's been a big help to me to have such kind and considerate vets, 


Dear Jo, Emily and everyone at St Georges Vets,

Thank You so much for being 'Super-Vets' for Wilma and looking after her.

Love From
L, C, & W

Dearest Emily and team,

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for all the love and care that you have administered to both William and me over the last few years.  Since we put Wallace down four years ago. William as you know has lived on borrowed time, with your professional guidance and expertise and your personal commitment & care for Wills he has had a terrific 4 years. He was a wonderfully spirited cat, calm, gentle humorous and with your help he was able to continue charming us all for far longer than we had hoped. He knew of course precisely when he wanted to go & Thank you so much for making that a peaceful loving experience.

You have become a real friend Emily, Thank you to you and the whole team, with love Jxx

Dear Emily,

I cannot thank you enough for all the kindness & support you gave Algie & myself. Thanks to your expertise & compassion Algie had the best treatment & most peaceful end to his very special life, I miss Algie dreadfully but one day i will bring a little step brother or sister to see you.

With all best wishes GB 

Dear Emily,

Thank you so much for coming to the house and making Raffy's last moments so peaceful. Our family really appreciates that.

He was an exceptional dog and he made us all so happy. We will all miss him so much.

Please also thank your lovely colleague.
With love,

J. and I., L.,T. & C.

Dear Jo,Emily + Fern,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a very big thank-you for all your hard work with Mia. I realise her 'case' has defied logic on more than one occasion, but I am very grateful and appreciative for your patience and understanding throughout.

A. and I bought a house in Shropshire about a month ago and in November we will be moving to Shrewsbury.... Can I take you with me?!

We will sadly have to part ways then, and I can only hope and wish I find such professional and caring vets up North.

Thanks again,

M. + Mia xxx

To you all a very big Thank You for being so nice to my little Princess Tilly and I.

To Tina & Leanne for their love and support on their home visit.

To Jo, Dawn, Mel and Gwen for your smiles and to Emily for your encouragement and being the most superb Veterinary ever.

Lots of love,


Dear Emily, Leanne & Staff,

A huge thank you for all you've done for Sushi over the past few years.

She had a long and happy life and due to your wonderful care and kindness, we had the pleasure of her for longer than we dared hope- and she was always so beautifully groomed!

With our thanks and very best wishes

K & P

Dear Emily & Jo,

This is just a little note to say a big thank you for everything you did for Bailey. I know you both did everything you could and treated him with love and kindness.

Your gentle supportive approach towards us as a family was greatly appreciated. I am pleased you got to meet our lovely little Bailey and thank you again for making the last couple of months of his life as comfortable as possible.

With love from Y&C

Dear Emily

I just want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for your wonderful devotion to Thomas.  As well as being the very most highly skilled and informed veterinary surgeon in my experience, you are the most caring and giving surgeon any animal owner can ever hope to have the special good fortune to have at hand.  I know that all your clientele say the same, because they tell me – we are enormously fortunate and profoundly grateful for all that you do for us – it is exceptional. 


Thank you so much to Emily and the entire team for the care and dedication you have all shown Marco during his treatment.  We have missed him so much but knew he was in capable hands.

Rob and Karen

Dear Emily and Team,

Thank you for looking after Sidney through his recent trauma, he is much better and back to being Sodney! Sandy too recovered in 24 hours.

Thank you again, so glad you are there for the boys

Dear Emily,

We miss Pickle but are grateful for his long life and to you for your caring, compassion and expertise"

January 2015

Dear Emily, Ben, Gwen, Marie, Leanne, Liz and Jo

Thank you to everybody who has looked after my beloved Manori over the past few years. He was a very special cat and he certainly had his ups and downs. You have all been so supportive and he had no fear of 'visiting the vet'.

Mauren T

Dear Emily,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for sugar in the past years.

Thank you for enabling us to have and extra 4 precious years together and her having the opportunity to meet and spend time with the kids.

We miss her very much and will always be grateful for everything you did for her.

Taryn D

Dear Emily,

Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave for Archie from adolescence to old age, you certainly kept him an active, healthy dog and were wonderfully supportive to me.

I will always recommend you and your team.

Barbra Y

Dear Emily, Leanne and Marie,

We feel fortunate to have had you as Mao's vet. The care you gave him was highly skilful but also kind and compassionate. You and your staff made a lot of difference to us. If it had not been for you we would have lost him a long time ago.

M+B Streeten

Emily - We wanted to express our heart felt thanks to you, Leanne & Marie for your care and everything you have done for Clover. Since meeting you, the quality of Clover's life was enhanced and enriched. You are a marvellous and wonderful person and we appreciate everything, your care extended way beyond Clover. It has touched us greatly during some very difficult times.

With sincere and kindest wishes,

Neil & Sue I


Thanks for everything over the four years we have been here, our best wishes to you all.

Kay & Paul C

Emily has been my vet for 11 years now. I have always gone to her at every practice she has been to. I was overjoyed when she decided to open up her own practice in Weybridge, and I have recommended many people to her. They too have been extremely happy with Emily and the care and dedication she gives. She often goes above and beyond the call of duty with my dogs and also for my family and friends pets. Emily is the loveliest & most compassionate vet I have ever had the pleasure to know. She also employs the best staff, they are always caring and supportive. I cannot ever imagine using a different veterinary practice. They are second to none.

Rosie Ison

We are so very attached to our animals and know someday we will have to let the go. We are however very please Buster is still with us. Thank you again for making the experience alot less scary by your caring, prefessionalism and skills.

Alicia S

You have now got a reputation as the bunny whisperer of Weybridge, I don't know how or why it worked but it did! People who had seen the aggressive fighting between them are amazed, It is lovely seeing them in their cage together side by side.

Wendy S

I am grateful for all you have done with Biff over the years since we moved to Surrey. I know it seems obvious to anyone that a vet would care for animals, but unfortunately this hasn't always appeared to be the case in my 25 years of dog ownership. You genuinely care for your patients. Thanks again for all your help and care and we will see you again when the time is right.

Mark W

Thank you so much for looking after Mr Darcy and making sure everything went ok. He is back to destroying everything in his path - so all is normal!

Louise L

Thank you so much for your excellent care of Bugsy last week. Your prompt treatment and continuing care of him was brilliant and we felt confident that he was getting teh best attention available. It is fantastic to have him home, back to his usual self!

Eleanor & Dave H

You guys have been fabulous! I could not have stumbled into a better place. Thanks for the puppy parties and all the advice.

Vikki S

Thank you for all your valued support and assistance, it is much appreciated.

Sandra M

Thank you for caring for our dear India. She seems fitter than before her operation!!

Judith L

Thank you for the superb care you have extended to our fury friends - past and present!!

Sue V

I was recommended St George's by a friend and am very glad she did! Thank you so much for all you have done for my Simba.

Kelly W

I am convinced that if we had been registered at any other vets surgery, Boris would not be with us today. Your compassion and your dedication and determination to solve the mystery of why Boris was "unravelling", together with going beyond the call of duty in never turning me away no matter what time I called to say "It's happened again" are the reasons why Boris is still a much loved member of our family. I can never thankyou enough for everything you did for us.

Fiona J

Emily Thomson’s service as a veterinary surgeon is of an exceptional level of skill, knowledge and devotion that is unprecedented and unequalled in my experience. I have to use the word indispensable to describe how dependent I am on her, to the extent that I now can not envisage using the services of any other veterinary surgeon.

Through her painstaking dedication, in-depth knowledge, searching investigation and brilliant skill, Emily saved the life of my cat Thomas 18 months ago and, against odds, brought him finer health than he had previously enjoyed for a long time. Vitally, she helped me cope with an exceedingly anxious situation by making personal visits to my home, not only to attend to Thomas with meticulous care, but to help me handle my own acute fears and make sure that I was able to deal with the difficulties I had to face over my cat’s serious illness. Subsequently, while my cat was recovering from his illness, Emily took the greatest care to monitor his progress, making herself available at virtually any time for a consultancy.

This level of personal attention, both for the animal and the owner, is unique in my experience. Combined as it is with Emily’s profound, broad ranging knowledge and brilliant skill, as well as her insistence on probing a situation until she is certain she has found the true cause and treatment for the illness, she is far and away the most valuable veterinary surgeon I know of.

Emily Thomson’s service is indeed absolutely indispensable.

Jon Tolansky-Documentary Producer-WFMT Radio Network, EMI Classics and formerly BBC World Service





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